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in a peaceful environment and complete their education. now they live in fear, constant fear. i'm aware pakistani and american government may be aware of these drones happening and i feel the pakistani government has failed me because i'm a citizen of that country. as a citizen, their duty is to protect me. i feel a bit neglected. obviously i just don't understand that. but what i do want is that these two governments find a way to bring peace in my neighborhood, either by discussion and ending these drones so we don't have to live in fear any longer. >> jennifer, i'd like to ask you a question. in terms of this conversational void to let this family tell their story which is highly underdiscussed in terms of the casualties from these drone strikes, do you expect the u.s. government -- how optimistic are you this policy can change. this policy of drone strikes seem to be working quite well for parts of the counter-terrorism community. what's your feeling now that the family has been in the united states and told this story? >> i think we're very optimistic. we're optimistic if you put a
office because of various fears regarding partisan political environment, funding, a host of issues. are you more confident the system they have in place now, the folks they are bringing in, the outside consultants are going to have an easier, less thorny time unraveling problems with this website they would have had six months ago? it seems the climate around the aca was no less heated than it was preelection. >> there's no question they obviously have a better management in place, property back jeffrey zients, former director, quite capable, president is involved, getting nightly briefings on it. there's no question they have a more concerted focus and better management structure for getting this done. whether they will actually fix the website by the end of november remains to be seen because it is such a formidable task. that still remain to be seen. >> it is an exhaustive and thorough piece. thank you so much for report, "washington post." that you for your time. >> thank you. >> after the break, debate over the farm bill focused on how much to slash food stamps. lawmakers also
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)